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November 2017 (Exact Dates TBA)
Are You Ready to Raise Your Revenue/Growth Potential by Increasing Your Authority Score?
  • 1:45 – How Ralph took a Local SEO Business (with clients from a BNI Meet-Up) and turned it into a 7-Figure Facebook Ads Agency in just under 3 years…
  • 3:00 How Keith went from charging $500-$750/month (hustling clients at the Chamber of Commerce) to an Industry Authority & Best Selling Author…
  • 4:40 – The story of a Local Web Designer who changed history and collected $8 Million Dollars in the process…
  • 5:20 – How to use the “Revenue Growth & Demand Formula” to increase your fees and market authority…
  • 8:20 – Keith & Ralph loving their new pies…
  • 12:45 – You have to see our wait list to believe it…
  • 14:20 – 3 Ways to get clients & experience…
  • 15:35 – How to work with DWM to build your skills and get paid…
  • 16:50 – How Frannie traveled the world… making herself in-demand… while becoming a top agency performer
  • 17:45 - Why we only want to develop 30 Facebook Account Manager Ninjas…
Dear Reader,

One of our core principles at DWM is to always provide the absolute highest quality service (so people get incredible results) and to NEVER sell a service just because there’s a high demand, even though conventional wisdom might tell us we SHOULD sell that high-end service because we CAN sell that service… 

However… We are in this game for the long run… and I am in this game to make a serious impact on as many people as possible. I’m not in this game for a 3-year cash grab and then onto the next shiny object…

This is why we stopped taking on high-end coaching clients back in April of 2016... we could design the ultimate solution for those of you desperately looking for more support with your paid traffic funnels…

So we could focus on building a legitimate Facebook Ads Professional Certification program

This is why we are doing a 5-day intensive certification in Austin, TX 
on November 2017 (exact dates TBA)

Not so we can “sell a certification program” that sounds sexy so people can get a badge that doesn’t really mean much…

We are doing this because WE need a way to produce HIGH-QUALITY Facebook Ads Specialists who will live up to the DWM standards and are proficient in the DWM methodologies & strategies. 

How are we doing this?

By having an in-person certification program that consists of prerequisite training that must be completed prior to attending, an intensive workshop style training with several instructors in the classroom supporting each of the attendees, a written exam, and…

...most important: a post-event curriculum consisting of practical application training, FB Ads implementation exercises, and a practical evaluation. 

This is far cry from some of the so-called “certification programs” you may have seen lately…

We are taking the role of building a Facebook ads customer-generating machine very seriously and modeling some of the most legitimate certifications on the planet… the aviation industry, where poor quality training can literally get people killed.

An industry I have extensive experience in myself, with almost 4,000 flight hours in 10 different airplanes flying thousands of passengers safely over my six years as a pilot for Horizon Air (part of Alaska Airlines)... 

Advertising poorly on Facebook isn’t going to cause an accident… but it is surely possible your business and lifestyle could take a big hit… 

This is why we are limiting this first certification event to 50 students, with a staff of over 10 coaches & current account managers.

So if you are interested or have someone on your team you would like to send to this certification, we would love to have you

If you know you don’t want to be the one managing the day-to-day campaigns in the long-run, but would love to have a better understanding of what really works on Facebook today so you can hire and train a 10X better ads manager than before, then we’d love to have you. 

Also- By coming to the event, there’s a good chance you would meet a consultant who could be the perfect fit to take over YOUR Facebook ads management… :-) 

And if you are ONLY looking to hand off your Facebook ads management to a consultant or agency, then please be patient… Because in just a couple months we will be producing a core group of some of the best Facebook advertisers on the planet!

Trained by us. Mentored by us. Evaluated by us. Vetted by us

Your next move is to read below to check out the event details… If you’re interested, fill out an application as quickly as possible, because we will sell out. 

Keith Krance
Founder & CEO, Dominate Web Media
Why Host a LIVE Event?

We currently can't keep up with the demand for Facebook Advertising help...

Between word of mouth, recommendations from our high-profile clients, the success of "Perpetual Traffic Podcast", the Facebook Ads University Community and the different Mastermind Groups we belong to... 

We’re overloaded with coaching & agency requests...

We’re in the process of growing the Dominate Web Media team, but neither Ralph or myself, have the desire to become a huge "Madison Ave" type agency.

In our business, we like to under-promise and over-deliver... 

We take pride in achieving outstanding results for our clients, which takes time and effort...

A Different Solution...

We're in the business of helping people… so having to say “NO” to these great potential clients just didn't sit well with us…

… but with only so many hours in the day, we both realized we needed to discover a better and different way to help our clients while also supporting the great Facebook Ads Community we've created & are so thankful for…

So here’s what we're doing…

P.S. Ryan Deiss will be doing a training session on the part of the Facebook funnel that makes the biggest impact on your ROI… (And Ryan does not normally do public speaking anymore, especially for a small group like this.)

P.P.S. Molly Pittman is coming to do some training on the latest strategies they have been crushing it with as of late
Become a Sought After Expert & Advisor for Managing 
Other People's Facebook Ad Campaigns and Facebook Sales Funnels. 
(For Consultants & Agencies) 
  • Free Access to Facebook Momentum (our Brand New FB Course -- Released Early Jan 2017)
  • Facebook Skills Self-Assessment (Discover where you are now, allowing us to customize training to get you where you want to be)
  • Event Onboarding including Q & A Webinar
  • The New Perpetual Traffic Blueprint for Scaling your Business with Facebook Ads in 2017
  • The 80/20 of FB Ads
  • Facebook Ads Platform Shortcuts 
  • Winning Facebook Funnels (for Local Business, Physical Products & Digital Products)
  • Discovering Your Audience's Hidden "Facebook Triggers
  • 6-Proven Facebook Offers
  • Creating Killer Front-End Offers
  • High-Converting "Facebook Friendly" Landing Pages
  • Copywriting the "Facebook Way
  • Matching Your Ad Types to the Right Offer
  • Crafting the Perfect Facebook Ad
  • Video Ads Mastery
  • Target Audience Game Plan -- Designing for Scale
  • Build Your Campaigns Like a Pro
  • Advanced Campaign Structures: Michigan Method 1.0 and Michigan Method 2.0 
  • Facebook Flight Simulator: Campaign Creation
  • The 5-Tier Scaling System
  • The MMO Optimization Method
  • Advanced Facebook Reporting & ROI-Based Optimization using Wicked Reports
  • Facebook Flight Simulator: Advanced Campaign Scenarios
  • Facebook Fligth Simulator: Troubleshooting Scenarios
  • More Facebook Flight Simulator: The Complete FB Campaign Journey - FB Funnel Competency, Campaign Build-Out & Advanced Optimization
  • Consultants & Agencies Break-Out Session: How to Get Clients, Proposal Templates, Pricing Charts, On-boarding Templates, Rev Share Deals, Managing your Team, Charging Higher Fees, and more. 
  • Marketing Professionals (Don't have Clients) Break-Out: Dissecting our Best Campaigns and Worst Campaigns
  • "Facebook Account Manager" Exam Prep
  • "Facebook Account Manager Exam
  • Ad Account Proficiency Demonstrations  
  • Advanced Agency & Consultancy Masterclass (including How To Get Clients -- Or More Importantly How to Avoid the WRONG ONES)
  • Access to Agency Templates (Proposal Templates, Pricing Charts, On-boarding Questionnaire, Onboarding Call Template, etc...)
  • "Facebook Account Manager" Practical Exam

Keith Krance
Founder & CEO,
Dominate Web Media

Keith Krance is the author of the #1 Best Selling Book on Facebook "The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising". He is also the host of the highly acclaimed podcast "Perpetual Traffic". 

Between agency & coaching clients, Dominate Web Media oversees in excess of $2.5 Million/Month in Facebook Ad Spend, across 99 different accounts. 

Ralph Burns
Agency CEO,
Dominate Web Media

Ralph Burns is the co-host of the highly acclaimed podcast "Perpetual Traffic". As CEO of the Dominate Web Media Agency, his clients include some of the largest and most reputable names in the digital marketing sector.

Ryan Deiss
Co-Founder & CEO, Digital Marketer

Ryan Deiss has been called one of the world’s leading digital marketers by Shark Tank star, Daymond John.

Ryan is the Founder and CEO of and Founder and Managing Partner of, a digital media and ecommerce group that owns dozens properties including:,, and to name a few.

Ryan is the creator of the “Customer Value Optimization” methodology and have introduced and popularized many of the digital selling strategies that modern companies now take for granted. His company, DigitalMarketer, is the leading provider of digital marketing training and certifications. Its community has over 15,000 paid members, and over half a million subscribers. 

Ryan is also the founder and host of the Traffic & Conversion Summit, the largest digital marketing conversion conference in North America.

Molly Pittman
Vice President & Traffic Manager,
Digital Marketer

Molly Pittman is the co-host of the highly acclaimed podcast "Perpetual Traffic". She brings years of expertise in using a wide range of business and communication skills to acquire customers through paid traffic. She is also a featured presenter at Digital Marketer's Traffic & Conversion Summit (hosted annually in San Diego).  
How Can You Be Sure You're Getting Cutting-Edge 
Facebook & Agency Instruction?
We DON'T just Teach this Stuff… 
We Actually DO This Stuff On A Daily Basis!
A Few Clients We Have Under Management or Have Advised:

and many others…

As a former airline pilot, whenever we go through any flight training we spend 70% of our time going through REAL LIFE scenarios… Which mostly consists of simulating abnormal situations and emergency situations.

Running profitable Facebook campaigns is NO different… 
You need practice when it comes to:
  • Matching and tuning in your Facebook Offer with the right campaign
  • Writing a sales copy that sells an irresistible offer
  • Maximize your profits by Identifying loops in your funnel that will allow you to scale
  • Scaling out your campaign without increasing cost per lead
  • Optimize your campaigns by analyzing and using quantitative and qualitative data to your benefit

This is where the our “Simulated Practice Sessions” come in...

Not only will you be expanding your knowledge base... you'll also be developing skill!

We'll be running you through different campaign scenarios to prep you for navigating any campaign situation that may arise!

By the end of the training, you’ll know exactly when to pull out the “Emergency Checklist” and when to "Release the Throttle"...


Hilton Downtown Austin
500 E 4th St, Austin, 
TX 78701

(512) 482-8000

> Get Directions 

Exact Dates TBA
Hilton Hotel, Austin Texas
Bill Harrison (With Jack Canfield
of "Chicken Soup For the Soul")

"When it comes to Facebook Advertising experts, Keith Krance is the best of the best. Over the past few years Keith and his team have helped us generate tens of thousands of quality leads and millions in sales directly from Facebook. His stuff works!”

Travis Lane Jenkins
Host of "The Entrepreneur's Radio Show"

“Keith Krance and his team are incredible! In the short time we’ve been working together, I have experienced an increase of more than $100,000 in sales for a new service offering on just over $19,000 in ad spend.”

Perry Marshall
Author, "Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords" 
and "80/20 Sales & Marketing"

No other traffic source in the last 5 years has brought me more customers for less money. Facebook advertising is working 4X better than ever before, and for more people than ever before. WHY? Because I have a secret weapon. And his name is Keith Krance.

John Lee Dumas
Creator of the #1 Podcast "Entrepreneur on Fire"

"Keith Krance is one of the smartest Facebook ads experts I've ever worked with. Thanks to him we were able to set up our first profitable Facebook ad campaign to our Podcaster's Paradise webinar campaign, which was getting a 6 to 1 ROI, AND helped us ignite our entire new webinar sales funnel!"

Ted Mcgrath
Founder, Message To Millions
"Why would you not want to come here and learn to improve your messaging? 
It will help every aspect of your business. I think it is a must. Doing this is a must for a business."
Rob Young
Owner, Rethink.Business
"There's a lot of kind claims and stuff you can find on the internet, but there's not that much serious knowledge with the amount of spend and hours and time backing it up. There's stuff in here that you won't find out unless you're partnering or learning from someone that has done it this much."
Deacon Bradley
Founder, Funnel Owl
"The value of this as it went on was exponential. The second day was twice as useful as the first. The third day made the stuff I learned before 4x times more useful, and it just kept going."
Traci Reuter
Owner, Divine Social
"What is so important to me, is not only that these guys are great teachers, but they're doing it. They are running millions of dollars of high level campaigns and that makes a difference because they actually know it's working."
Check Out What Gary Vaynerchuk Said About 
Facebook Ads During Two Recent Keynote Talks...

“We are marketing in One Single Channel for our 
$60+ million company Wine Library TV: FACEBOOK ADS”
      -Gary Vaynerchuk, March 2016 

“ (built by the engineers that built Google) spends 100% of their advertising on Facebook Ads.”
      -Gary Vaynerchuck, March 2016

“If you’re not spending $1,000/day on Facebook Ads, you haven’t entered the modern era of marketing. Period.” 
   -Brendon Burchard on getting to 
$50 million and 50 million views
Do you have to be spending $1,000 a day? Absolutely NOT. 
We have several clients who are spending much less than that who have literally doubled or tripled their business all because of adding Facebook Ads. And many 
of these clients started off spending more like $50 a day... 
This is a video ad that I walked Rachel, my Designer & Assistant, through setting up for her 
Siberian Husky puppy. (BTW- we recorded this and added it as a training video inside Blueprint)
 Her puppy got an esophagus problem where she couldn't eat without being in intense pain - and financially 
it was too much for her to handle. Someone helped her set up a GoFundMe fundraiser, and I decided to 
help her set up a Facebook ad to help drive more traffic to the GoFundMe page and raise a lot more money for her puppy than ever would have been able to happen with friends & family. 
About a month later I got this email from Rachel checking in on the fund...
This is one of the reasons why I get so fired up about this stuff... Facebook ads can a massive impact.
To apply for Dominate Web Media's Facebook Account Manger Certification...

A $997 fully refundable deposit is required to hold your seat...

Then we'll schedule a call... so we can review your application, decide if this is the right fit for you and answer any remaining questions you might have...

If accepted, your deposit will be credited towards your attendance fee.
To provide the highest level of support for all attendees we’re strictly limiting participation to a maximum of 50 people… 

So if you have any interest at all and don’t want to miss out

Submit your application now, including your $997 deposit
Is This LIVE Event Right For Me?
  • Does the Facebook Opportunity Excite You?
  • Do You Want to Add Facebook Advertising to Your Current Client Offerings?
  • Do You Understand Direct Marketing But Unsure How to Apply it “the Facebook Way”?
  • Are You Ready to Scale Winning Facebook Campaigns Without Sky-Rocketing Ad Costs?
  • Are You Ready to Escape the “Do-It-Yourself” Island and Fast-Track Your Success by Discovering the Behind-the-Scenes Processes of a Highly Successful Facebook Agency?
Why Limit to Just 50 People?

To kick-off our new Certification Program and to set you up for success... we decided to get everyone together in a single room to provide an intensive boot-camp style training... 

We're doing this for the following 3 reasons:

  • 1. Drastically Shorten the Learning Curve 
  • 2. Discover Where You Need Help
  • 3. Provide Personal Guidance & Attention

We also want to get to know you... because at the end of the day, we want to develop a network of highly-skilled, reliable, dependable, good people...

...and the best way to develop strong relationships is to spend some time together :)

What Makes This LIVE Event Unique?

We're delivering a level of training not previously seen in this industry. In other words, we won’t be providing just a knowledge dump… 

Instead, we’re installing your new knowledge in a controlled risk-free environment using our “Facebook Flight Simulator” (see below)…  

We’ll also be sharing new cutting edge material that has never previously been taught...


As an added bonus for attending the DWM LIVE Certification Event… 

PLUS to reward those who take decisive action…

We've added these Incredible Bonuses:

  • 3-Months Free Access to Inner Circle 
  • Total VALUE: $3000.00 

Receive FREE access to our BRAND NEW Inner Circle Group of highly-skilled Facebook Ads Professionals...


  • Twice Monthly Group Support Calls with Keith & Ralph
  • FREE Access to all DWM Online Courses & Facebook Ads University
Are You Ready To Increase Your AUTHORITY SCORE?
Hurry...the 50 SEATS will fill fast!!!
  • SAVE your seat for the LIVE Certification Event
  • Claim your FREE BONUS (3 months access to Inner Circle a $3,000 VALUE)
Don't Wait!  
November 2017 (Exact Dates TBA)
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