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Perry Marshall
Author, "Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords" and "80/20 Sales & Marketing"
“No other traffic source in the last 5 years has brought me more customers for less money. Facebook advertising is working 4X better than ever before, and for more people than ever before. WHY? Because I have a secret weapon. And his name is Keith Krance.” 
Bill Harrison (With Jack Canfield
of "Chicken Soup For the Soul")
"When it comes to Facebook Advertising experts, Keith Krance and Ralph Burns are the best of the bestOver the past few years Keith and his team have helped us generate tens of thousands of quality leads and millions in sales directly from Facebook. His stuff works!”
John Lee Dumas
Creator of the #1 Podcast "Entrepreneur on Fire"
"Keith Krance is one of the smartest Facebook ads experts I've ever worked with. Thanks to him we were able to set up our first profitable Facebook ad campaign to our Podcaster's Paradise webinar campaign, which was getting a 6 to 1 ROI, AND helped us ignite our entire new webinar sales funnel!" 
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This Ain't Our First Rodeo....We Actually DO This Stuff!
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That’s right -- You’re About to Gain Access to Facebook Marketing Secrets Gained Through Spending Over $500,000 Per Month In Real-Life Tests In 30+ Industries.

My name is Keith Krance. Around 5 years ago, I owned 4 local brick-and-mortar businesses. And I was always looking for cost effective ways to get new customers. I shudder to think how much money I wasted on advertising. I remember once spending $10,000 on a billboard and getting no measurable response. Ouch.

But then I discovered Facebook ads. I couldn’t believe my luck. Now I could put a ‘digital billboard’ in front of my ideal prospects and only pay when they clicked to find out more. Eureka – I thought I’d hit the mother-load. 

Since then Facebook advertising has come a long way (that’s code for ‘become really complicated’). But I’ve stayed on the cutting edge – running more than $5 million in tests for myself and my clients in more than 25 different industries.

**Client Case Study**

Campaign results BEFORE working with my team($19.12/Lead)

Campaign results AFTER working with my team…($3.48/Lead)

In the before and after example above, this client already really knew what they were doing on Facebook...In fact, they had a professional marketing team running their Facebook ads – driving leads to a live seminar where they sold a high-end coaching product...

They were highly successful at doing it.

What they DIDN'T know was all the seemingly minor and EVER CHANGING nuances to the Facebook ad platform could make them even more successful than they already were! 

When my team and I took over their campaign, we had a pretty good idea that we could do better. 

How much better…? I was even shocked myself.

Bottom line: 
  • We reduced their average cost per lead from $19.12 to $4.16 (a 78.2% reduction)...
  • We increased their lead numbers by over 400% from 917 to over 5,000 almost exactly the same ad spend.
…and you can learn to do the same…

Unhappy With Your Results on Facebook and Think You May be Able to Do Better?

The truth is, you CAN do better. 

You just need to tap into the ever changing Facebook ad features – features that can turn a losing campaign into a winning campaign OR a moderately profitable campaign into a hugely profitable campaign.

In the above example, our client was getting a good number of leads on Facebook. 

And even at $19 per lead, their sales more than covered the cost of advertising. 

But when they started getting leads for $4 (and thousands more of them), a winning campaign suddenly turned into a much bigger winning campaign. 

Perhaps you’ve had the same issue. 

Or perhaps you’ve said:

          If only I could make Facebook profitable and turn leads into sales!

You are not alone…

Facebook can be very difficult to get to work RIGHT... Its ever changing and very complex. 

But it’s FAR EASIER than you think when you know exactly how to approach it. Let me explain…

Here’s how we did exactly that for this client:

How We Shattered Lead Cost by 78.2%

Step #1: Refine the Lead Magnet

We noticed that one of the most important parts of clients campaigns is the lead magnet front-end offer just isn’t Facebook appropriate.

That means that vague offers that don’t offer a SPECIFIC solution, don’t make it with Facebook. 

You have to offer something SUPER SPECIFIC in exchange for an email address.

Simply put, lead magnets like this just weren’t cutting it:

The issue is that the lead magnet, although very good and very honest, wasn’t SPECIFIC enough. 

So we changed the Lead Magnet and the Landing Page to this:

Then eventually to this:

The result?

From an 11% opt-in rate:

To a 47% opt-in rate:

Drastic improvement.

If You're Offering a “Vague” Lead Magnet, Chances are You are Killing Your Chance for Maximum ROI

Lesson: Get an Ultra-specific lead magnet for an ultra-specific market
Step #2: Dig into Facebook Reporting

After hundreds of opt-ins, we also had ample data to tap into inside Facebook’s Reporting section. This ninja tool is such a game changer, especially if you've been running ads for a while and haven’t been tapping into it’s full potential, as it will give you super specific insights into your ideal audience. 

What we discovered was that the data told us some abundantly clear information:

The demographic who were opting in the most and at the lowest cost per lead were men 35-54, even with the old landing page and old opt in.

The data was just staring us right in the face…look at it here:

All the other demographics were upwards of $20+ and the men 35-44 were at a lowly $4.34!!!

We had our second killer optimization.

So we changed nearly all of our ads to target whom?

Men 35-44. 


And yes, Facebook will actually tell you all this…amazing that they actually do!

We then created new ad sets for the same interests we had previously BUT only targeted to Male 35-54.

If You Aren’t Truly Tapping Into Facebook's Reporting, You’re Flushing Money Down the Toilet! 

Lesson: Use Facebook Reporting to uncover your lowest cost per leads as well as you most ideal customer!
Step #3: Harness the Power of Lookalike Audiences

Change number three was a little more complicated, but also a game changer. 

When you set up your very first ad, Facebook is watching you and your ad performance very carefully.

This actually helps you make more money AND allows Facebook to make sure their newsfeed is not teaming with irrelevant advertisers that tick off its 1.3 billion active users. 

So after running ads at a $17-$22 cost per lead, Facebook had some pretty good data on the thousands of leads already gathered. 

We just leveraged this intelligence and created what’s known as a “Lookalike Audience” on each and every person who had converted (taken our lead magnet in exchange for the their email address). We then created a new set of people who look exactly like them. 

So we just hit this tab here under “Audiences”:

And created “Lookalike” audiences who looked exactly like the leads we had already gathered. (We also do this for “customers” with other clients, who have lower priced products and a higher volume of customers)

We then added in our general targeting for the broad interest the client was targeting, in this case “motivational speaking”:

And the target audience was a perfect size for Facebook:

This is what’s call a “Lookalike Audience Overlay” (our term not Facebook’s) and created a brand new ad set using entered our new audience. 

Now that we had a better lead magnet (more specific), our ideal demographic (Male 35-54), we then had our trifecta element – an audience that best looks like our ideal customer.

If You Ignore Facebook’s Constant Changes, You are Paying a Premium in "Facebook Stupidity Tax!"

Lesson: Tap into every new change/enhancement Facebook makes and then leverage those improvements to lower your cost per acquisition and generate more sales!

The end result?

We reduced their average cost per lead from $19.12 to an average of $4.16 for the exact same campaign (a 78.2% reduction)...

And we also increased their lead numbers by over 500% from 917 to over well over 5,000…

…just by using some of the very same tactics you can deploy inside Facebook Ads University and by fully understanding how Facebook works when you get your copy of The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising.

And this case study doesn’t even include the improvements we made on the sales conversions to the live event by using tactics like: amplification of content combined with Website Custom Audience ads driving traffic to the sales page. (Steps 8 and 9 in my 9-Step Campaign Blueprint) 

We go deep into these strategies inside Facebook Ads University… 
What You Get:

Facebook Business Page Set Up
($67 Value)

Different Types of Ads
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Ad Objectives
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9-Step Facebook Campaign Blueprint
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10+ Checklists and Resource Guides
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Live Monthly Webinars with Updates, Training, and Q&A
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Private Facebook Group with Keith and His Team
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Easy to Implement Split-Testing
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Power Editor Beginner and Advanced Trainings
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Optimizing Your Campaigns
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Advanced Optimization with Qwaya
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How To Get News Media Attention with Facebook Ads
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Conversion Tracking
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Favorite Tools and Resources
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Agency Bidding Strategies
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Tracking and Measuring Guide
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Hack the Facebook Newsfeed
($67 Value)

Custom Audiences
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Ads Manager Overview
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Ad Creative that Works
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Ad Copy and Landing Page Copy that Works
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How to Sell on Facebook
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12 Recorded Training Webinars

10 Checklists, Templates, and Execution Guides

Live Webinars with Q&A every 2 Weeks

Private Facebook group to get your questions answered by our team and Keith & Ralph, and the other high level business owners in the group.

Austin In-Person Workshop Recordings

Total Value - $1,278.35

…and soooo much more.

Personally, I wouldn’t attempt Facebook ads without having a proven, step-by-step guide to follow, and this is especially true if you’re doing it for someone else (i.e. a client or a boss).

I mean it…

Molly Pittman

Social Marketing/Facebook Ads Manager 
for Ryan Deiss’s Digital Marketer
“Keith Krance continues to enlighten our community of digital marketers with intelligent and creative traffic advice. As one of the top Facebook advertising experts, Keith is the contact you want to have when setting up, scaling, and simply making money on Facebook.”
Bree Argetsinger
"The Betty Rocker"

Seth Greene
Founder, Market Domination, LLC

Sam Cook
Owner, Prism Communications

Jaime Tardy

James Schramko

Taki Moore
Coach Marketing Expert,
Coach Marketing Machine
Scott Sullivan

Rachel Kersten
Summit Evergreen

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FaceBook Consultant

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