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Emerald Method™ video + EPIC Ad Formula™ complimentary copy = SCALE
Join the Perfect Video Ad Formula Workshop Today and get the 'Video Companion Template' PLUS a Free $199 Voucher for the Everlasting Ad™ 21-Day Challenge Starting Soon...
(*Also Includes IMMEDIATE Access to $2,349 in BONUS Tools & Training)
"The New Social Selling Method Disrupting Direct Response, Brand Advertisers, Content Marketers & Viral Video Marketers..."
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After spending over $2,522,653.67 PER MONTH on Facebook ads, testing in hundreds of markets, and generating over $600,000,000 in revenue for clients...
Let Me Reveal My Step-by-Step 'Everlasting Ad' Formula And Personally Help You Build One 'SUPER Ad' For Your Business...
...In Just 21 Days
If you want an ad that never burns out, converts cold traffic 24/7, and makes running predictable and profitable Facebook Ads DO NOT want to miss this one-of-a-kind challenge...
What if you had ONE piece of content for your business that could simultaneously:
  • Turn strangers into customers...
  • ​Build MASSIVE brand awareness and goodwill (even for people who don't buy)...
  • ​AND be the 'Linchpin' in a traffic system that consistently turns $1 into $2 every single day...
Well, after 9 years, $200M in ad spend, 750 MILLION video views and over $600 Million generated from social ads... 

We have actually found a way to create what I call an 'Everlasting Ad.'
And Right Now, You Can Get Me AND My Team To Help You Build YOUR Everlasting Ad In This 21-Day Challenge...
Hi, Keith Krance here.

I'm the original CREATOR of the Perpetual Traffic Podcast (first 150 episodes), Founder of Dominate Web Media, and the author of "The Ultimate Guide To Facebook Advertising," the bestselling book on Facebook and Instagram ads of all time...

I've seen it time and time again...

Businesses that were able to 2-3x... 4-5x... and even 10x...

All from ONE good ad:
Not just any ad.

I'm talking about a different type of ad...

And ad that LEVERAGES the foundational DNA code of the best marketing strategies on the planet to build a brand new 'Super Ad.'

In fact, it was only though experimenting with these approaches and combining them in different ways that I stumbled on this happy accident...
An Everlasting Ad is The Perfect Combination Of Viral Video Marketing, Direct Response, Brand Advertising, and Content Marketing...
Now, we've put this perfect combo into a step-by-step process that anyone can follow. 

Which means YOU can build this for your business.

That's exactly what this challenge is all about.
I truly believe that every single business, entrepreneur, or agency has the ability to launch their own Everlasting Ad.

An ad that CHANGES the game...

...and takes YOUR business to the next level.

Look, here's the truth - 

If you aren't getting GREAT results right now...'s probably because you don't have the tools, resources, and support  that you need.

And unfortunately, there is a lot of mis-information out there from gurus who are better at selling their own courses than actually getting results for clients!

That's not how we do things.

In fact, we are often so busy helping our clients get results that we don't have time to share everything that's going on behind the scenes.

But this is TOO GOOD to hold back...
If You Are Ready To Build ONE Good Ad That Changes The Game In 2019...I'd LOVE For You To Join Us In This Challenge...
You can do this on Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube...

...and I promise the IMPACT on your Business, and your Life, and the people you Serve will be bigger and better than you ever thought possible.

THAT is what this is all about.

If you're up for the challenge, I'm committed to giving you exactly what you need to build your Everlasting Ad - together.

Click the button below to join the challenge now - it's just $97.

You'll get INSTANT access to everything you need to get ready.

The games begin on June 3rd.

Are you in? 

The Facebook Ad Map for COLD TRAFFIC

>> How to Choose the RIGHT Ad Type based on your Offer. A simple chart with examples showing you which types of ad work best with the most common Conversion Mechanism. 
>> Recommended Ad Types for the most common FREE or PAID Offers: Lead Magnet Downloads, Webinars, Quiz Funnels, Low-Priced Product or "Tripwires," Physical Product, etc. 

The Perpetual Traffic|Leads|Sales 
3-Tier BCS Triangle™ Diagram

>> The KEY ingredient to Reach the HIGHEST % of potential Buyers in every Audience. 
>> How to Structure your Budget between each Tier based on your Unique situation - A.K.A.: "Situational Scaling."
>> The "Insta-Facebook Flight Plan" Simplified down to the "Big 3 Buckets."

 The 7-Level "Insta-Facebook Flight Plan" for Scaling any Business using Social Media

>> Updated Flight Plan diagrams from Chapters 14 &15 of the "Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising" book.
>> How to build a true Machine that produces Traffic, Leads, and Sales while simultaneously building Goodwill & Brand Awareness along the way.
BONUS: Get Instant Access to Our Brand New Online Intensive: ($99 Value)
"The New Social Selling Method DISRUPTING Direct Response, Brand Advertisers, Content Marketers & Viral Video Marketers..."
How to Replicate the same unique ad to start turning STRANGERS into CUSTOMERS 24/7, without constantly posting new content and managing hundreds of Ad Sets JUST to survive!
-Part 1: The DNA Code a Social Media Super Ad that runs Forever without Burning Out.
-Part 2: The 3-Step Process for creating "Everlasting Ads" on demand. (Without needing a pro copywriter or an expensive viral video production team...)
-Part 3: The only way to Amplify Content in 2019. (AKA: Performance Branding)
*CONSULTANTS & AGENCIES: How to go from project-based clients & inconsistent turnover to the elite clients with premium retainers who cherish your services.  
  • ​You're having a tough time getting organic reach...
  • ​You aren't getting consistent results with Facebook and Instagram ads...
  • ​Your ads are getting disapproved too often (or your accounts are being shut down)...
  • ​You ARE having some success but you're not able to scale predictably or consistently without conversion costs going through the roof...
  • ​Your ads burn out after a few days, or a few weeks...
  • ​You are burning through agencies or consultants and nobody can run ads at a profit for you...
  • ​You ARE an agency, consultant or freelancer, and you're churning through clients and don't know why.  You WANT to attract those 'next level' clients, but you're not sure how...
  What People Are Saying:
"...I didn’t think that I could sell music profitably with Facebook ads… but I am now selling more CD’s as an independent artist using Facebook ads than I was when I was signed to a label!"
Seth Greene, CEO & Host
SharkPreneur Podcast with Kevin Harrington
If you’re thinking about signing up for any of Keith’s programs you absolutely have to… We did a split-test where we tested the way we were currently marketing on Facebook VS. Keith’s strategies… And the way Keith was telling us to market on Facebook was 1,083% more effective than what we were doing before!

We had increased impressions, dramatically increased clicked-through rate, higher engagement, and more page likes… all at a much lower cost per action…. It was 10 times more effective than what we were doing before.

So, if you’re thinking about getting any of Keith’s stuff at all, I would highly suggest it. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned Facebook veteran, it will put your marketing on steroids and get you MUCH better results at a MUCH cheaper cost. I cannot recommend it enough - I would get it yesterday if you can.”
"Keith Krance helped me to build a 7-figure business in just under a year."
Kay Salerno, President
YoungSocial Digital Agency
“Keith Krance’s book the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising with Perry Marshall helped me to build a 7-figure business (agency) in just under a year. We’ve done things that people have never done before though Facebook advertising, and it all was built off of the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising. 

My agency has been able to revolutionize the world of franchise sales. We are now selling franchises through Facebook. Increasing our profit and helping Area Developers all over the nation to boost their sales and really take out the middle man when it comes to selling franchises…”

"...I didn’t think that I could sell music profitably with Facebook ads… but I am now selling more CD’s as an independent artist using Facebook ads than I was when I was signed to a label!"
Chris Greenwood, Aka "Manafest"
 - Rock Musician
“It’s been about 6 months since I’ve been working with Keith & Dominate Web Media and their Advisor Chris Rocheleau... 

I didn’t understand conversions. I didn’t think that I could sell music profitably with Facebook ads just because the profit margins are so low… 

...But I am now selling more CD’s as an independent artist using Facebook ads from what they’ve taught me than I was when I was assigned to a label! I’m selling anything from 30 to 50 CD’s per day. 

I was skeptical at first - I was like ‘I know Facebook & Instagram ads will work for digital information products, but will it work for a physical product like music?’ 

But it DID.

Being a part of this group has been life-changing...
"...And all their suggestions kept working…All the tips that come from them just work, work, work...
...the reality is that these things WORK. It’s absolutely amazing.” 
Nico Smit, Facebook Ads Consultant
“Today is one of the best days of my life - besides the days my kids were born…was meeting some of my heroes - Keith Krance and Ralph Burns…Because they were the guys that got me to changing my life.

Four years ago I went through a bad (time)… so I started digging into all their stuff… and every week on their live calls, they had a new tactic, update or strategy to try… So I started trying each thing…And all their suggestions kept working…All the tips that come from them just work, work, work.

So I’m now getting to a point where I can work anywhere in the world, I’ve got a few team members building up who will go through DWM’s courses without a doubt… 

You first hear about some of these suggestions, and you think ‘how can it work?’ Things like Keith running anything from a one-minute video all the way up to a 45-minute video ad in some situations! But the reality is that these things WORK. It’s absolutely amazing.” 
“From 12-hour shifts and living a horrible lifestyle… to being at home with my kids and being able to go to all of their activities...(After just 8 months) I’m making more money now than I did as a policeman in LA…"
Jason Smith, CEO
FB Ads Agency Owner
"The question is, if you’re a coach, a speaker, an expert, do you want to take 10 years to get where you want to go, or do you want to take the time to learn the things that will help you get there SO MUCH faster?”
Ted McGrath Brands, Founder
Message to Millions
"...When Setting Up, Scaling and Simply Making Money on Facebook"
"Keith Krance continues to enlighten our community of digital marketers with intelligent and creative traffic advice. As one of the top Facebook advertising experts, Keith is the contact you want to have when setting up, scaling and simply making money on Facebook"
~ Molly Pittman, - Former Vice-President of Traffic & Acquisition, DigitalMarketer
"...I don't Believe we Would be Where we are Today without their Team"
Facebook is one of the largest components for revenue in our business, largely due to their (DWM’s) team. They are not just vendors for us. We consider them a part of our team… They are more than just a vendor… Our success is their success… When we don’t do so well, they feel like they didn’t do so well… I don’t believe we would be where we are today without their team… We spend a lot of money on Facebook, and I know we wouldn’t be able to do that without them. Thank you so much for your hard work… From a very, very happy client.
Jesse Eker, Managing Director -  Harv Eker International
"You Should Pay Close Attention to Everything Keith Says About Facebook Advertising"
"The guys over at Dominate Web Media have been running my ads for quite a while now and they've been doing a stellar job... which is why you should pay close attention to everything Keith says about Facebook advertising."
Frank Kern - One of the Most Sought After Direct Response Marketing Consultants & Copywriters on the Planet
  Just a Few people Who have trusted Keith & his teams with their Business for 1-2 years or longer...
  And many more people where those came from...
Keith Krance is the author of the “Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising,” Creator & Original Host of the top-rated podcast “Perpetual Traffic,” published by Digital Marketer, and the Founder of Dominate Web Media, which provides Facebook ads education courses, certifications, coaching, and full agency ads management services to small businesses and large companies all over the world, which oversees $2-3 Million per month in Facebook & Instagram ad spend and over $140 million total.
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