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Let's Build ONE Good Ad and make the Biggest Impact Ever...TOGETHER!

After $300 Million in Ad Spend Generating Hundreds of Millions in Sales in 72 Different Industries, We Found the Social Media SUPER Ad Formula 

ONE Good Ad that Turns Strangers into Customers and Simultaneously Builds Massive Brand Awareness...

Let's Build it TOGETHER...
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Limited Offer: The perfect compliment to the Everlasting Ad Challenge: "The 7 Questions You Must Ask Before Creating Any Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube Ad"

"$8,893/mo. Recurring Revenue after just 5 weeks from ONE Everlasting Ad!"

Schedule, Mission and Requirements:

  • The Schedule: It's 21 week days. Weekends off for rest or catching up.
  • The Mission: Get ONE good long copy ad and ONE good video ad running and converting cold traffic into customers who love you.
  • The Requirements: 20-30 minutes per day of laser focus.

What You GET:

  • Trainings: A new video training and assignment every day. And don't worry you can catch up if you fall behind. We designed it that way. :-)
  • Tools: Ad Scripting Tool that will blow your mind (Valued at $4,000), cheat sheets and other worksheets.
  • ​Help & Encouragement: Facebook group support from my team and other awesome challengers to answer questions and give you feedback.

WHO It's For:

  • Organic Social Media Reach isn't cutting it. 
  • ​Ads Burning Out - Not getting consistent results with Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube ads.
  • Ads Getting Disapproved too much or Ad Accounts being Disabled.
  • ​An Agency or Consultant who wants 10X better results for clients and to attract elite, high paying clients who cherish your services. 

Who It's NOT For:

  • Someone who won't take this seriously because it's only $67. This challenge will change your life IF you take it seriously and commit. 
  • Someone without a real business and real customers or clients. (Unless you're a consultant wanting to eventually do this for clients)

What You'll NEED:

  • Tools: A computer with access to Google Drive, a phone, internet access.
  • Mental Game: You need to be open to a new way of doing things. Need to expect to make changes & adjustments as you get feedback & data. 
  • A Promise: Promise yourself you'll pretend you paid $2,000 or more for this, because this challenge can transform your business faster than most of the $2K-$10K programs in the digital marketing world.  
We're giving you the Step-by-Step 'Everlasting Ad' Formula and will Personally Help You Build One 'SUPER Ad'... 
If you want an ad that doesn't burn out after 1-2 weeks, converts cold traffic into customers 24/7, and makes running predictable and profitable Facebook Ads SIMPLE and DO NOT want to miss this one-of-a-kind challenge...
What if you had ONE piece of content for your business that could simultaneously:
  • Turn strangers into customers...
  • ​Build MASSIVE brand awareness and goodwill (even for people who don't buy)...
  • ​AND be the 'Linchpin' in a traffic system that consistently turns $1 into $2 every single day...
Well, after 10 years, $300M in ad spend, 950 MILLION video views and over $1 Billion in revenue generated from social ads... 

We have actually found a way to create what I call an 'Everlasting Ad.'
An Everlasting Ad is the Perfect Combination of Viral Video Marketing, Direct Response, Brand Advertising, and Content Marketing...
Now, we've put this perfect combo into a step-by-step process that anyone can follow. 

Which means YOU can build this for your business.

That's exactly what this challenge is all about.
If You Are Ready To Build ONE Good Ad That Changes The Game In 2020...I'd LOVE For You To Join Us In This Challenge...
You can do this on Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube...

...and I promise the IMPACT on your Business, and your Life, and the people you Serve will be bigger and better than you ever thought possible.

THAT is what this is all about.

If you're up for the challenge, I'm committed to giving you exactly what you need to build your Everlasting Ad - together.

Click the button below to join the challenge now - it's just $149 $67.

You'll get INSTANT access to everything you need to get ready.

The games begin soon!

Let's DO this.

-Keith Krance

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>> The KEY ingredient to Reach the HIGHEST % of potential Buyers in every Audience. 
>> How to Structure your Budget between each Tier based on your Unique situation - A.K.A.: "Situational Scaling."
>> The "Insta-Facebook Flight Plan" Simplified down to the "Big 3 Buckets."

 The 7-Level "Insta-Facebook Flight Plan" for Scaling any Business using Social Media

>> Updated Flight Plan diagrams from Chapters 14 &15 of the "Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising" book.
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