We are one of the leading authorities in a hyper-growth industry and we are looking for awesome people just like you to...
  • …to work with us as we become the #1 online resource for cutting-edge Facebook Ads training for online business owners, marketers and anyone else who wants to be successful in business online and is… well… just really… awesome.
  • We say that because we're interested in helping grow our clients who care about their customers. We believe that Goodwill is the heart of marketing, and should be the cornerstone of all business.
  • Just to let you know.… we currently have a need for a 100% virtual (no central office, we all work from wherever we want) team member who work super hard behind the scenes to make our company, our presence and our brand, possible.
  • They love what we do, believe in what we stand for, love the business, love helping our clients succeed and (most importantly) are absolute ROCKSTARS that get shit done!
  • If that sounds like you, you love Facebook and Social Media Marketing, have a skill set that matches one of our current job openings, you think you would be valuable to help us become the #1 Facebook Ads training resource in the WORLD, and are SICK of working your current job…
  • …then we want to hear from you!!!
  • Please review our current listings and fill out the form if one of them fits your skills and abilities. 
  • We look forward to hearing from you,
  • -Keith and the Team at Dominate Web Media
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Dominate Web Media is a full service agency, consulting, and online education company specializing in helping businesses scale their marketing and increase their reach by using strategic Facebook Advertising, Retargeting, and tapping into all the hottest online media channels and social media marketing platforms. 

Our team currently manages or oversees just under $3,000,000.00 per month Facebook advertising spend which has generated hundreds of thousands of new leads, and several million dollars in revenue generated directly from Facebook and other online media channels. Dominate Web Media, has helped clients in dozens of different markets all over the world, working with both small businesses and large companies.  We also manage campaigns and work closely with some of the biggest experts in the online marketing industry, which gives us the inside perspective on what really works - and what doesn’t.

About Keith

Keith Krance, author of the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising is a former local business owner who juggled franchises and businesses in multiple locations but had a vision for something that served others on a much bigger scale. 

Keith’s team has helped clients in dozens of different markets all over the world, working with both small businesses and large companies, and they currently manage and oversee an average of $200,000 per month in Facebook ad spend - generating hundreds of thousands of new leads and several million dollars in revenue for their clients.

About Ralph

Ralph is the Founder and CEO of Antares Enterprises, Inc. As managing partner and the exclusive advertising agency of Dominate Web Media, he brings over 9 years of digital marketing, paid traffic, SEO, and direct response advertising experience to the team. 

Specializing in Facebook advertising, Ralph also has in‐depth experience with online sales funnel creation and management, advanced website analytics, social media, content marketing/copywriting, conversion tracking, PPC advertising and media buying. 

Customer Service Representative
  •   Entry Level Position Answering Support Tickets (which may include the following)...
  •  Product / Service Questions
  •  Troubleshooting / Billing Issues
  •  Membership Management (cancellations, removing members from Facebook group, payment updates, refunds, etc...)
  •  20 Hours/Week @ $10-$15/hour
  •  Great Communications Skills & fluent in English
  •  Able to Troubleshoot
  •  Able to handle People Positively who may be frustrated or in a hurry
  •  Able to make Good Decisions on behalf of the company
  •  Facebook Advertising & Infusionsoft Knowledge Preferred
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How long has Dominate Web Media been in business?
DWM was founded in 2010 - right around when the landscape of social media advertising started to become increasingly relevant. 
Would I need to move or relocate to work with your team?
No, you can work from home and work with our team of highly motivated self starters, all of whom have their own unique skill set!
Can I learn some of the required skills on the job?
Yes, you can - we look forward to training you and helping you to develop you unique abilities and talents that will bring you personal satisfaction and help you grow as a business person as well as an individual.
How many hours per week would I work for?
Your hours will be determined by the job you are applying for, and the amount of experience you bring to the table. We are looking for people who have full time availability, but that can be on a somewhat flexible schedule. 
What's the hiring process?
We start our new hires on a 90 day trial period, and we believe in taking each person case by case. So we will discuss your requirements at the time of the interview, as well as your availability, experience level and compensation. One we agree on where we're headed, we'll come up with a preliminary arrangement to make sure we are a good fit for each other and go from there!
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