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0:00 - 2:53: The 2 Biggest Challenges & Frustrations

2:53 - Step 1: Create 4 Critical Custom Audiences

6:41 - Step 2: Choose Objective Based on Campaign Goal

7:35 - Step 3: Publish Facebook Appropriate Content

8:21 - Step 4: Define Target Audience

8:46 - Step 5: Website Conversion Campaign with 4 Ad Sets

9:25 - The 4 Key Ad Sets

12:45 - Lookalike Audiences

14:57 - Starting 4 Interests

16:45 - How to Scale Your Campaigns with Maximum ROI

Have You Ever Asked ANY of these Questions?
  • How do I test my Facebook or Instagram Ad Campaigns? 
  • How much money should I spend to test a new ad or a new campaign?
  • How LONG should I run a test? 
  • What things should I test? And in what order? The image? The ad copy? The video first? Headline only? The first two lines of the ad copy? The thumbnail?
  • How many ads in each Ad Set?
  • Should I use Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO)? 
  • What’s the most optimum audience size for my situation?
  • Are there ‘rules of thumb’ we can use?
  • What Campaign Objectives should I use?
  • What Objective should I use for retargeting? Should I use multiple campaign objectives for retargeting? (HINT: Yes you should…)
  • What about BRAND-building campaigns? How do I optimize for those?
  • What about Lookalike Audiences?
  • Should I use a 1%, a 2%, a 3%, a 5%, or a 10% Lookalike audience? 
  • Should I combine multiple Lookalikes into one Ad Set?
  • Should I EXCLUDE the 1% Lookalike if I'm Targeting a 2% Lookalike? What about for a 5% or 10%?
  • What about setting up tracking on my website? Do I use the FB Pixel or Google Tag Manager? Or both?
  • Should I use Standard Events or Custom Conversions? Or both?
  • Can you REALLY target people similar to your highest ‘Lifetime Value Customers?' (HINT: Yes, you can... and SHOULD.)
  • What’s the right mix of audiences, audience size, and Daily Budget? 
  • Should I optimize for 1-Day Conversions or 7-Day?
  • When should I use Lifetime Budgets? 
  • Why do larger audiences usually work better? When should I be cautious of using a larger audience?
  • What is considered a 'LARGE' audience?
  • What’s the deal with ‘Audience Overlap?’ Is it bad? Is it good? Is it okay?
  • What metrics should I focus on? What reports should I run?
  • What’s a good or bad CTR? What’s a good or bad CPA? What’s a good or bad CPL? 
  • What are the pros & cons of Dynamic Creative? Is it good? Is it bad? Is it a waste of time?
  • What about duplication of ads? Or ad sets? Is THAT good to do? Or is THAT bad?
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  • 12 Concise and Actionable Lessons + Bonus Lessons. Without the overwhelm or massive learning curve.
  • ​​15 Downloadable PDF Process Maps.  Easy-to-follow guided Instructions with short (5-15 min) Video Trainings.
  • ​Campaign Research & Planning: How to Choose the PROPER Campaign Objective.
  • ​Audience Research & Planning: Warm Vs Cold, Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, and more.
  • ​​Audiences Sizes & "Rules of Thumb". Avoid the "simple" mistakes that cost you big.
  • ​​How to Structure Ads & Ad Sets.
  • ​​Website Setup & Tracking.  Break down the techno-babble, and give you the step-by-step.
  • ​​Ad Budgets. Significance vs. Spend, Adjust Budget for Volume of Testing, How to Test with SMALLER Budgets, Rules of Thumb, etc.
  • ​​Metrics & Analysis. Primary Metrics, Secondary Metrics, the Core Equation, Outcomes, etc.
  • ​​Campaign Setup & Structure.  Objectives, Naming Conventions, Post ID Strategy, Cold & Warm Campaigns, Audiences, Optional Advanced Campaigns, PPE Campaigns.
  • ​​Dynamic Creative.  Pros & Cons, How To Demo, Things to Watch Out for, Managing Post ID's.
  • ​​Manage Your Test.  First 24 Hours, Top 4 Issues to Monitor, Outcomes.
  • ​​Metrics Part 2.  Backing out your numbers using the Core Equation, Rules of Thumb, etc.
  • ​​Next Tests. How to choose what to test next, etc.
  • ​​BONUS: Setting Up Account in Business Manager, Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO), PPE Campaigns, and more.
  • ​And much more...

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